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SoundCloud Repost Feature to Offer Better, More Efficient Work

Why would anyone buy Soundcloud reposts? That is one of the most common questions people with zero understanding about the latest SoundCloud repost feature would ask. The idea is incredibly simple. By getting other people repost your track, you will be exposed to a legion of new listeners. With your track directly published to the reposter’s page, all of their followers are more likely to give it a listen. More so when your track is reposted by influential accounts with huge follower count.

You may have seen one of the advertisements posted on SoundCloud before. Typically it will inform you how much they ask for a repost, and how many followers they have in their account. The more influential an account is, the more it will cost you. At average, accounts with 150,000 followers charge about 50-dollars for each repost. This is undoubtedly an incredibly appealing offer from smaller, up-and-coming musicians.

When your tracks are reposted by accounts with 15-times more followers, the first thing that comes to your mind must be fame. At the very least, the play result must at least be 15-times as many people than your account can reach. However, the reality is typically far from our expectations. Whether we secure reposts from influential SoundCloud channels or through paid promotion, the results rarely match our expectations.

Repost can be an incredibly valuable promotion method, but it comes with one requirement. Right about now you may have guessed ‘large follower count’, while followers are important, it’s a matter of whether or not they are genuine. Many big channels nowadays may boast a large follower count, but not all of them are real followers. Without real followers, their repost will most likely not bring significant impact. So is there a solution? Yes, buy Soundcloud reposts.

By buying Soundcloud reposts from the site, not only will you get better exposure. You will also have bigger chances of attracting new listeners and followers. Buy Soundcloud reposts from cheapsubscribers now.